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Forty-four years in the making.

The Dallas family restaurant J & G Pizza has expanded its footprint to create a unique, warm, and inviting space. Although different in many ways, Dallas Taproom is the perfect addition to the J & G Pizza experience.

The Taproom also complements the Dallas family’s other business, Upside Brewing. Created within J & G Pizza’s original footprint, the brewery has cranked out small craft beverage batches since 2016. The Taproom provides Upside with a home to serve its award-winning brews.


5694 Main St, Sylvania, adjacent to J & G Pizza Palace.

The Taproom serves the J & G Pizza menu during lunch hours, Thursday through Sunday. After 4:00 p.m., you can dine in the lively Taproom space or enjoy the classic, nostalgic environment of J & G Pizza.

J & G Special Pizza